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Information about Non-Teaching Staff

Supportive Staff

As updated on: ___01/04/2019___

Sr. No. Name of the Post Name Full Time/ Part Time Qualification Date of Appointment
1 Assistant for Psychiatry Dept. Shri Dhawle Akash Vishnu Full Time S.S.C.  15/10/2016
2 Attendant for Psychiatry Dept. Smt Kulthe Chandrakala Full Time 4th Pass  15/07/1996 / 01/09/2017
3 Assistant for Paediatrics Dept. Shri. Darade Vinod B. Full Time B. A., D.Ed.  01/09/2018
4 Attendant for Paediatric Dept. Smt Zende Shewantabai Full Time 4th Pass  01/12/1993 / 01/09/2017
5 Lab. Technician – Physiology & Bio-Chem. Shri Sangole Avinash Ashok Full Time D.M.L.T.  01/09/2017 Deputed on 13/03/2019
6 Lab Attendant – Physiology & Bio-Chem. Shri. Gaikwad Dilip Full Time H.S.C.  01/09/2018
7 Lab Attendant – Hom.Pharmacy Smt Wadmare Sunita Full Time 4th Pass  01/09/2001
8 Lab. Technician – Pathology & Microbiology Smt. Gadale Jayshree S. Full Time BS.C., D.M.L.T. 15/05/2013 Deputed on 13/03/2019
9 Lab Attendant –  Pathology & Microbiology Shri Shinde Yuvraj Full Time HSC  02/01/2011
10 Librarian Shri Gadekar P. G. Full Time M.A., M.Lib.  01/12/2007
11 Library Assistant Shri Upadhya N. P. Full Time B.A., B.P.Ed  19/09/2013
Smt. Inkar Sunanda V. Full Time B. Ed., B.J., M. Lib.  01/07/2017
12 Lab Attendant – Anatomy Shri Gade Dinesh A. Full Time 4th Pass  15/05/2013
13  Peon (HMM) Smt. Bhasmare Mangal M. Full Time 4th Std.  01/03/2019
 Peon (Organon) Shri Giram Ashok S. Full Time 9th Pass 27/11/2013
 Peon (Repertory) Shri Jagtap Balu B. Full Time 8th Pass  15/05/2013
 Peon (Medicine) Shri Shinde Rajesh D. Full Time SSC  01/02/2017
 Peon (FMT) Smt Hajare Sarika Full Time 7th Pass  01/09/2001
 Peon (Surgery) Shri. Mane Navnath Full Time 12th Pass  16/08/1998
 Peon (OBGY) Smt Chavhan Manda Full Time 4th Pass 19/09/2014
 Peon (PSM) Smt Shinde Asha Full Time 7th Pass  01/07/1989
14  Watchman (On Contract Basis provided by Jai Bhagwan Security Services, Beed) Shri. Tandale Govind (On Contract Basis provided by Jai Bhagwan Security Services, Beed)
Shri. Shaikh Razzak
Shri. Darade Asaram N.
15  Sanitation Staff Shri. Piwal Ashish B. Full Time SSC  01/02/2017
Smt. Bimla R. Piwal Full Time  16/07/2015