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Information of Seminars Conducted & Attended by College Students


Adarsh Shikshan Sanstha's
Information of Seminars Conducted & Attended by College Students
 Date Speaker Topic
 15/03/2005  Dr. D.P. Rastogi  a)Repertory Instant b)Repertorization c) When to repeat the remedy d) Clinical verification e) Miasm
 15/03/2005 Dr. Dasgupta Case discussion
 07/01/2006 Dr Pawar Hemant Lecture of Biostattistics & Research Methodology
 08/01/2006 Dr. Pawar Hemant Lecture of Biostatistics & Research Methodology
 25/01/2006 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Bird Remedies
 16/04/2006 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Cases
 17/04/2006 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Cases
 22/04/2006 Dr.Sirdesai R.S. Case discussion
 20/05/2006 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Case discussion
 21/05/2006 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Case discussion
 10/06/2006 Dr. P. Humaranwala Bronchial asthama
 10/06/2006 Dr. U.R. Panchegaonkar Carcinosin
 10/06/2006 Dr. Kishore Mehta Case Discussion
 10/06/2006 Dr. Prafull Vijaykar Genetic / Constitutional Similinum
 11/06/2006 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Case of cCarcinoma
 11/06/2006 Dr. P. Humaranwala Paediatrics case taking
 11/06/2006 Dr. Prafull Vijaykar Genetic Causation & Miasm
 11/06/2006 Dr. Kishore Mehta Work Shop
 12/06/2006 Dr. Kishore Mehta Work Shop
 12/06/2006 Dr. U.R. Panchegaonkar Work Shop
 12/06/2006 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Body Language
 29/07/2006 Dr. U.R. Panchegaonkar Miasms
 16/8/2006 Dr. Dheeraj Nanda Miasms
 17/08/2006 Dr. Dheeraj Nanda Miasms
 26/11/2006 Dr. Abhay Mahajan Urology
 29/11/2006 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Case discussion & Miasms
 30/11/2006 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Non verbal consciosnses
 22/12/2006 Dr. Ashley Ross Case Allergy Lachesis
 23/12/2006 P.G. Seminar (LIGA) congress at Aurangabad
 02/02/2007 Dr. Kishore Mehta Approach to the study of Organon & Repertory
 02/02/2007 Dr. D.P. Rastogi Importance of Repertory
 03/02/2007 Dr. Kishore Mehta Integral study of Diimportant subjects
 03/02/2007 Dr. Eshwar Das How to write dissertation
 04/02/2007 Dr. Eshwar Das How to write dissertation
 08/02/2007 Dr. Dheeraj Nanda Vaccination
 10/02/2007 Dr. Dheeraj Nanda Cases
 13/15/2/2007 Dr. A. T. Jagose/ Dr. Humranwala Repertory
 27/02/2007 Dr. J.V. Dixit Bio stat & Research methodology
 28/02/2007 Dr. J.V. Dixit Bio stat & Research methodology
 10/03/2007 Dr. D.P. Rastogi Homoeopathic Software
 10/03/2007 Dr. M. Deep Roy Pathogenesis of Various drugs
 11/03/2007 Dr. D.P. Rastogi Pathology & drugs
 11/03/2007 Dr. M. Deep Roy Ars. Alb / Ph. Acid
 26/03/2007 Dr.Ashish Kotale Dr. Sase Dr. Mrs. Vaidya Dr.  Nowmani ACLS/ BLS / EMS Introduction/ Workshop
 30/03/2007 Dr. Kishore Mehta Dissertation Tips
 30/03/2007 Dr. Kishore Mehta Organon formulated
 31/03/2007 Dr. Kishore Mehta Case discussion
 01/04/2007 Dr. Kishore Mehta Topic Presentation
 01/04/2007 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Understanding iron dairy living
 02/04/2007 Dr. Kishore Mehta Natrum Group
 02/04/2007 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Natrum muriaticum
 02/04/2007  Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Cases & discussion
 14/04/2007 Dr. Das Gupta CNS / Clinical examination
 14/04/2007 Dr. D. P. Rastogi Repertory
 15/04/2007 Dr. Das Gupta CVS Examination
 15/04/2007 Dr. D. P. Rastogi LM Potencies
 27/04/2007 Dr. Kishore Mehta Case taking in O.P.D.
 28/04/2007 Dr. Kishore MehtaCase discussion
 29/04/2007 Dr. Vijaykar Case Discussin
 30/04/2007 Dr. U. R. Pachegaonkar workshop
 28/05/2007 Dr U.R. Pachegaonkar Case Recordings.
 06/06/2007 Dr. Dheeraj Nanda Mind Rubric
 07/06/2007 Dr. Dheeraj Nanda Miasmatic Comparision.
 10/06/2007 D. Patil S.N. Miasm
 11/06/2007 Dr U.R. Pachegaonkar Case discussion
 28/06/2007 Dr. Kishore Mehta case Taking
 29/06/2007 Dr. Kishore Mehta Miasmatic diagnosis
 30/06/2007 Dr. D. P. Rastogi Boennigahaussen Repertory
 30/06/2007 Dr. Kishore Mehta Case discussion
 30/06/2007 Dr. S. M.Singh Elimination Symptom
 01/07/2007 Dr. S. M.Singh How to study Materia Medica
 01/07/2007 Dr. D. P. Rastogi Repertorial totality
 01/07/2007 Dr. Kishore Mehta source books
 09/08/2007 Dr. D. P. Rastogi Case discussion
 09/08/2007 Dr. Deep Roy Case discussion
 09/09/2007 Dr. D. P. Rastogi Utility of Repertory in various illness
 09/09/2007 Dr. Roy Case Discussion
21-23/10/2007 Dr. Vijaykar, Dr. Sankaran, Dr. Rastogi Rajkot Seminar
 25/10/2007 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Human Symbolism
 26/10/2007 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Human Symbolism
 26/10/2007 Dr. Kishore Mehta Cases
 27/10/2007 Dr. Kishore Mehta Arg. Nit from various books
 27/10/2007 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Cases
 28/10/2007 Dr. Kishore Mehta Arg. Nit
 28/10/2007 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Case Presentation
 29/10/2007 Dr. Kishore Mehta O.P.D. Cases
 11/01/2008 Dr. Kishore Mehta Five Point Programme
 12/01/2008 Dr. Kishore Mehta Analytical case study
 12/01/2008 Dr. D. P. Rastogi Wiling of various Repertory
 13/01/2008 Dr. D. P. Rastogi Cases
 13/01/2008 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Case Taking
 13/01/2008 Dr. Kishore Mehta Case Taking
 13/01/2008 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Cases
 14/01/2008 Dr. D. P. Rastogi Cases
 14/01/2008 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Cases
 14/01/2008 Dr. Kishore Mehta Cases
 15/03/2008 Dr. D. P. Rastogi Repertory Instant
 15/03/2008 Dr. Das Gupta Case Discussion
 16/03/2008 Dr. Das Gupta BCG
 16/03/2008 Dr. D. P. Rastogi Case Discussion
 29/03/2008 Dr. Vijaykar Predictive Homoeopathy
 30/03/2008 Dr. Vijaykar Miasm( At.Nagpur)
 03/04/2008 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Case Taking
 04/04/2008 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Case Taking
 19/04/2008 Dr. D. P. Rastogi Role of Homoeopathic medicine in Obst & Gync.
 19/04/2008 Dr. Roy Case Taking
 20/04/2008 Dr. D. P. Rastogi Parkinson's disease
 20/04/2008 Dr. Roy Vibratim of Remedies
 07/05/2008 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Hearing law of cure
 08/05/2008 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Genotype of Social dynamics
 21/06/2008 Dr. D. P. Rastogi Utility of BBCR in Systemic diseases
 21/06/2008 Dr. Dasgupta Examination of IPD patients CNS, OA, Respiratory system
 22/06/2008 Dr. Dasgupta Pyramidal tract, UMN, LMN, Facial nerve muscles,    lesions of cranial nerves.
 22/06/2008 Dr. D. P. Rastogi Kent's Repertory, Radar.
 25/06/2008 Dr. Arya M.P. Repertory Discussion
 10/08/2008 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Intercurrent Prescription live case taking.
 11/08/2008 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni live case taking.
 23/08/2008 Dr. U.R. Panchegaonkar management of acute & chronic disease
 19/10/2008 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Miasms
 20/10/2008 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Importance of Exteriozation
 22/11/2008 Dr. Kishore Mehta Cases
 22/11/2008 Dr. D.P. Rastogi Cases
 29/11/2008 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Cae Taking
 30/11/2008 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Asthama, General discussion
26- 28/12/2008 National Seminar at Lukhnow
 03/01/2009 Dr. Kishore Mehta Case discussion
 03/01/2009 Dr. D.P. Rastogi Spread of Homoeopathy in India
 04/01/2009 Dr. Kishore Mehta Case Presentation
 19/01/2009 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Relationship of Remedies
 20/01/2009 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Body Language.
 26/01/2009 Dr. J.V. Dixit Biostatistics & Research Methodology
 27/01/2009 Dr. J.V. Dixit Tests of Significance Research Methodology
 18/02/2009 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Genetics & Homoeopathics Rubrics
 19/02/2009 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Case discussion
 26/02/2009 Dr. Anwar Ansari Dissertation Discussion case taking
 02/03/2009 Dr. Chandrashekhar Rao Case Discussion
 15/03/2009 MUHS, Nashik Workshop on Biostat & Research Methodology at Mumbai
 19/04/2009 Dr. K. M. Dhawale Bio Stat & Research
 26/04/2009 Dr. C. Nayak Bowel Nosodes
 4-5/07/2009 Dr. Rastogi D. P. Repertories
 Dr. Kishore Mehta Miasms
 Dr. C. Nayak Research Methodology
 Dr. Rastogi D. P.
 12/09/2009 Dr. Prafull Vijaykar Case Presentation
 12/09/2009 Dr. Girish Dhadphale Concept & components of Synopsis & dissertation & scheme of examination of dissertation
 12/09/2009 Dr. Eshwar Das Components of dissertation topic, Introduction Review of Literature
 12/09/2009 Dr. C. Nayak Methodology / Components of dissertation
 12/09/2009 Dr. D.P. Rastogi Preparaiton of Synopsis
 12/09/2009 Dr. S. P.Singh Drugs & Cosmetic Act/ 1940 & Rules 1945 Relevant to Hom.
 12/09/2009 Dr. S.M. Singh Comments on whole day session
 13/09/2009 Dr. J.v. Dixit Statisticsin in dissertation
 13/09/2009 Dr. C. Nayak How to write synopsis
 13/09/2009 Dr. P. Vijaykar Predictive Homoeopathy & Philosophy
 13/09/2009 Dr. Vijaykar Philosophy
 18th National Homoeopathic Conference at Jammu
 06/02/2010 Dr. L.K.Nanda Case of Cancer
 06/02/2010 Dr. Praveen Kumar Swine Flu & Homoeopathy
 06/02/2010 Dr. Anwar Ansari Understanding children
 06/02/2010 Dr. R. Gnansambandan Dynamismin Carcinoma
 06/02/2010 Dr. Syed Tanvir Hussain Incurable diseases & Homoeopathy
 06/02/2010 Dr. Pawar Pareekh Advance Renal Diseases
 06/02/2010 Dr. Aruna P. Kumar Is similimuj On enigma
 06/02/2010 Dr. B.D. Patel Successful Prescribing
 07/02/2010 Dr. Agam Sharma Comparative Study of Homoeopathic treatment & other models of treatment in wound
 07/02/2010 Dr. P. Shrivastava Infertility
 07/02/2010 Dr. R.K. Shrivastav Aplastic Anaemia & Homoeopathy
 07/02/2010 Dr. Anand Chaturvedi Allergic Rhinitis
 07/02/2010 Dr. Anita Sharma Distress during climatric years
 07/02/2010 Dr. Dhiraj Nanda Viral Hepatitis
 07/02/2010 Dr. Shripad Hedge ADHD Child
 07/02/2010 Dr. Vikram Singh Research activities & Achievements of CCRH
 07/02/2010 Dr. Sharad Sangloo Alzhemeirs Disease
 07/02/2010 Dr. K. M. Nishant How to Kill a Patients
 07/02/2010 Dr. Pawan Chandak HIV
 07/02/2010 Dr. Mohan Singh CR Failure
 07/02/2010 Dr. Tapan Kundu Severe Haemophilia / Homoeopathya Supportive therapy
 07/02/2010 Dr.R. A. Patel Ayurveda in Homoeopathy
Workshop of Rural based Medical Practitioners on " Primary Eye Care"
 14/3/2010 Dr. Unhale R. P. (MD Med.) Opthalmic Injuries, Refractive Error, paediatric Eye problems, what to do & what not to do in eye diseases. Eye problems in Diabetes.
 3rd Annual Conference on Contemporency issues and challenges in Interdisciplinary Researse at Mumbai
 21/03/2010 Dr. Kiran Marthak Ethics in Clinical trials
 21/03/2010 Dr. Hiralal Agrawal Standaralization of Drugs
 21/03/2010 Dr. Jayesh Bellare Interdisciplinary research in Nanotechnology for Health care
 21/03/2010 Dr. Rajendran K. G. Patents Laws
 21/03/2010 Dr. Sunil Chaudhary Regulatory aspects of IND/NDA
 21/03/2010 Dr. S. Bavdekar Ethical aspects of clinical trials.
 21/03/2010 Dr. Ashish Mungantiwar BA & BE studies in India
 21/03/2010 Dr Sameer Sadekar CRO & Smo Establishment & Functioning
 21/03/2010 Contemperancy issues & Challenges in interdiscipilinary Research at Haffkin Institue at Mumbai
 19-21/4/2010 Dr. P. Vijaykar All India Predictive Conference & Seminar
 18-19/11/2010 Dr.M. L. Dhawale Research Methodology & Biostatistics
 18-19/11/2010 Dr.Scholtan Ian Elemental Homoeopathy
 05/01/2011 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni case taking & Rubrics
 08/01/2011 Dr. Subhash Singh Case Discussion
 09/01/2011 Dr. Eshwar Das Research Methodology
 10/01/2011 Dr. M.P. Arya Case taking & miasmatic approach
 10/01/2011 Dr. Manoj Patel Case taking in psychiatric patients
 10/01/2011 Dr. Tiwari Knowledge of Physician medicine of qualities of physician
 11/01/2011 Dr. S.M. Singh Organon of Medicine
 12/01/2011 Dr.L. M. Khan Case taking & Merging of PT with the Physician
 01-12-2011 Dr. Vijaykar Camp for MR & Ms
 10/02/2011 Dr. Panchegaonkar U.R. Case taking & Case discusson.
 10/03/2011 Dr. Panchegaonkar U.R. Case taking & Case discusson.
 26/03/2011 Dr. Sunil Parse (R.O.T.P)
 27/03/2011 Haffkin Institue, Mumbai - Seminar on Biostat & Research Methodology
 28/03/2011 Dr. Praveen Kumar Toxicology
 28/03/2011 Dr. Chandrashekhar Rao Materia Medica study
 29/03/2011 Dr. Sunil Bhutada Materia Medica study
 29/03/2011 Dr. Manoj Patel Case Study
 30/03/2011 Dr. S.k. Bhattacharya Relation of Pharmacy with MM.
 30/03/2011 Dr. S.P. Singh Organon with M.M. Relation
 31/3/2011 Dr. Daryani M. M. Study
 31/3/2011 Dr. Jawahar Shah Drug study
 01/04/2011 Dr. Khanaj Analysis & evaluatiojn of symptoms of the case for repertorization
 22/04/2011 Dr. Bellare Nano Technology & Homoeopathy
 22/04/2011 Dr. C. Nayak How to write synopsis & Dissertation
 22/04/2011 Dr. Vijaykar Case discussion
 24/04/2011 Dr. Vijaykar Camp fo MS/MR
 25/05/2011 Dr. Panchegaonkar U.R. Case taking
 03-04/06/2011 Dr. Chaturbhuja Nayak Bowel nosodes, Sarcodes
 24/06/2011 Dr. Ashok kokane Blood Investigations, Diagnosis & Management
 26/06/2011 Dr. Ramjee Singh, Dr. C. Nayak, Dr. Dixit, Dr. Jindal Ph. D. Workshop
 11/08/2011 Dr. Gaushal M. H. Biomedical Engineering & Homoeopathy
 14/08/2011 Dr. Jatin Walia Sports Medicine
 06/09/2011 Dr. Gaushal M. H. Health Related Quality of Life Assessement
 22/09/2011 Dr. Gaushal M. H. Case Presentation / Squint
 12/10/2011 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Emotions
 16/10/2011 Dr. Maj. N. Dasgupta Case Taking
 20/10/2011 Dr. Girish Dhadphale Research Concept & Proceedings
 07/01/2012 Dr. Kumar Dhawale Lecture on Depression
 08/01/2012 Dr. Kumar Dhawale Case Presentation
 19/02/2012 Basic Workshop on Research Methodology for Students, Teachers & Practitioners organized by Panchsheel  Homoeopathic Meeical College, Khamgaon & MUHS, Nashik At Khamgaon
 04/07/2012 Dr. R. K. Manchanda Road ahead for Homoeopathy in India
 02/09/2012 Dr. Hemant Pawar Lecture on Biostatistics
 19/09/2012 Dr. Girish Dhadphale Lecture on Biostatistics
 19/09/2012 Dr. Girish Dhadphale How to write Synopsis/Dissertation
 12/10/2012 Dr. Hemant Pawar Research Methodology
 13/10/2012 Dr. Hemant Pawar Research Methodology
 26-28/10/2012 INDUS / EM (Indo/US Emergency Medicine Summit) / 2012 organized By MUHS at Nashik
 13-15/12/2012 Basic Workshop on Research Methodology by Dept. of MET, at MUHS Regional Center, Aurangabad
 21-23/12/2012 XVIIIth All India Homoeopathic Congress / 2012 at Kolkata organized by HUMAI
 30/01/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Monograms in Homoeopathy
 31/01/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Monograms in Homoeopathy
 16/03/2013 Dr. Dasgupta Cardio/vascular System : Clinical Study
 17/03/2013 Dr Eshwar Das Skills in Homoeopathy
 17/03/2013 Dr. Praveen Kumar Case Discussion
 18/03/2013 Dr. Dasgupta Central Nervous System : Clinical Study
 19/03/2013 Dr. Dasgupta Central Nervous System : Clinical Study
 26/04/2013 Dr. Farookh Master Discussion on Hom. Med: Nux Vomica


Adarsh Shikshan Sanstha's
Information of Webinars, Semimars & SKYPE Lectures
Date SpeakerTopic
 18/05/2013 Dr. Kishore Mehta Webinar : Clinical Application of Organon of Medicine in Practice
 19/05/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Webinar : Body language & Homoeopathy
 20/05/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Synthetic Materia Medica
 23/05/2013 Dr. Kishore Mehta Skype Lecture : Construction of Organon
 26/05/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Carbon Group
 27/05/2013 Dr. Jawahar Shah Webinar : Bronchial Asthma & its Homoeopathic Management
 28/05/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Carbon Group
 31/05/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Carbon Group
 04/06/2013 Dr. Pachegaonkar Webinar : Homoeopathic Management of Advanced Pathological Conditions
 05/06/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Alkaline Earth Group
 06/06/2013 Dr. Kishore Mehta Skype Lecture : Selection of Potency
 11/06/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Spider Group
 12/06/2013 Dr. Rekha Bhutada Webinar : Role of Homoeopathy in Allergic Disorders
 18/06/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Fish Group
 20/06/2013 Dr. Kishore Mehta Skype Lecture : Case Discussion & Susceptibility
 25/06/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Fish Group Part II
 03/07/2013 Dr. M. K. Sahani Webinar : Differential Studies on reportorial approach in Homoeopathy
 04/07/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Mercury Group Part I
 09/07/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Mercury Group Part II
 17/07/2013 Dr. M. K. Sahani Formative Stage of Repertory
 18/07/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Trio of Puls, Sil, Flouric-acid Part I
 20/07/2013 Dr. Samir Chaukkar Webinar : Addictions and Homoeopathy
 23/07/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Trio of Puls, Sil, Flouric-acid Part II
 26/07/2013 Dr. M.K. Sahani Skype Lecture : Emergence of Dr. Boenninghausen
 29/07/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni & Dr. Anwar Ansari Interpretation of Rubric – Frivolous & Ennui Part I
 01/08/2013 Dr. M. K. Sahani Skype Lecture : Construction & Plan Of Therapeutic pocket book Part I
 03/08/2013 Dr. M.P. Arya Webinar : Utility of Knerr’s Repertory in clinical practice
 06/08/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Interpretation of Rubric – Frivolous & Ennui Part II
 07/08/2013 Dr. M. K. Sahani Skype Lecture : Construction & Plan Of Therapeutic pocket book Part II
 13/08/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Interpretation Of Rubrics – Hatred, Timid Part I
 14/08/2013 Dr. M. K. Sahani Skype Lecture : T.P.B. – Clinical applications In Cases
 19/08/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Interpretation Of Rubrics- Hatred - Timid Part II
 21/08/2013 Dr. M. K. Sahani Skype Lecture – Boger’s Boenninghausen Characteristics & Repertory
22-23/08/2013 CCRH Seminar - 2013, - Sharing of Experiences & Research Updates
 29/08/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Interpretation of Rubric -Cautious
 30/08/2013 Dr. MK Sahani Skype Lecture –Simplicity of Dr. CM Boger
 31/08/2013 Dr. Hira Agarwal Webinar – Management of Skin Diseases in Homoeopathy
 06/09/2013 Dr. Arun Jamkar Webinar : Homoeopathy – Is there any Sceintific Evidence?
 07/09/2013 Dr. MK Sahani Skype Lecture – Understanding CM Boger’s – A Synoptic Key of Materia Medica
 10/09/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Interpretation of Rubric – Haughty
 11/09/2013 Dr. MK Sahani Skype Lecture - Mental Health & Homoeopathy
 17/09/2013 Dr. Ashish K Jha Webinar - Efficacy of Modern Homoeopathic  Softwares in practice
 23/09/2013 Dr. MK Sahani Skype Lecture - Language of Disease
 24/09/2013 Dr. N Dasgupta Skype Lecture - My Clinical experience on HTN & Dyslipidemia
 04/10/2013 Dr. Ravi Doctor Webinar : Homoeopathic Management of Oncology
 09/10/2013 Dr. MK Sahani Skype Lecture - Money matters homoeopathically
 23/10/2013 Dr. MK Sahani Skype Lecture - Simple Substance
 25/10/2013 Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Interactive talks on Applied Materia Medica
 27/10/2013 Dr. Subhas Singh Webinar - Key-note symptoms and Prescription
 13/09/2013 Dr. MK Sahani Skype Lecture - Approach to Chronicity
 21/11/2013 Dr. MK Sahani Skype Lecture - Boger's Contribution to Repertory
 25/11/2013 Dr. Sankaran Workshop on Mental Health
 27/11/2013 Dr. MK Sahani Skype Lecture - Evolution of Word "Organon"
 03/12/2013 Dr. Rajan Sankaran Webinar : From Similia to Synergy
 04/12/2013 Dr. MK Sahani Skype Lecture - Disenchantment & Discovery
 09/01/2014  Dr. N Dasgupta  Skype Lecture - Arrythmias
 16/01/2014 Dr. N Dasgupta  Skype Lecture - Arrythmias - continued
 21/01/2014 Dr. Subhas Singh Skype Lecture - Precursors of Organon
 10/02/2014 Dr. S. Praveen Skype Lecture - Pyrexia of Unknown origin
 13/02/2014 Dr. N Dasgupta Skype Lecture - Heart Block
 18/02/2014 Dr. Subhas Singh Skype Lecture - Case Analysis
 22- 23/02/2014

 Child Care Seminar, Mumbai - Homoeopathic Management of Children with developmental disability and mental health disorder

 03/03/2014 Dr. S. Praveen Kumar Skype Lecture - Homoeopathy in Acute Emergencies
 12/03/2014 Dr. MK Sahani Skype Lecture - An essay on new principles to ascertain the curative powers of the drugs