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Adarsh Shikshan Sanstha's
Information of Seminars Conducted & Attended by College Students
15/03/2005Dr. D.P. Rastogia)Repertory Instant b)Repertorization c) When to repeat the remedy d) Clinical verification e) Miasm
15/03/2005Dr. DasguptaCase discussion
07/01/2006Dr Pawar HemantLecture of Biostattistics & Research Methodology
08/01/2006Dr. Pawar HemantLecture of Biostatistics & Research Methodology
25/01/2006Dr. Ajit KulkarniBird Remedies
16/04/2006Dr. Dhiraj NandaCases
17/04/2006Dr. Dhiraj NandaCases
22/04/2006Dr.Sirdesai R.S.Case discussion
20/05/2006Dr. Dhiraj NandaCase discussion
21/05/2006Dr. Dhiraj NandaCase discussion
10/06/2006Dr. P. HumaranwalaBronchial asthama
10/06/2006Dr. U.R. PanchegaonkarCarcinosin
10/06/2006Dr. Kishore MehtaCase Discussion
10/06/2006Dr. Prafull VijaykarGenetic / Constitutional Similinum
11/06/2006Dr. Ajit KulkarniCase of cCarcinoma
11/06/2006Dr. P. HumaranwalaPaediatrics case taking
11/06/2006Dr. Prafull VijaykarGenetic Causation & Miasm
11/06/2006Dr. Kishore MehtaWork Shop
12/06/2006Dr. Kishore MehtaWork Shop
12/06/2006Dr. U.R. PanchegaonkarWork Shop
12/06/2006Dr. Ajit KulkarniBody Language
29/07/2006Dr. U.R. PanchegaonkarMiasms
16/8/2006Dr. Dheeraj NandaMiasms
17/08/2006Dr. Dheeraj NandaMiasms
26/11/2006Dr. Abhay MahajanUrology
29/11/2006Dr. Ajit KulkarniCase discussion & Miasms
30/11/2006Dr. Ajit KulkarniNon verbal consciosnses
22/12/2006Dr. Ashley RossCase Allergy Lachesis
23/12/2006P.G. Seminar (LIGA) congress at Aurangabad
02/02/2007Dr. Kishore MehtaApproach to the study of Organon & Repertory
02/02/2007Dr. D.P. RastogiImportance of Repertory
03/02/2007Dr. Kishore MehtaIntegral study of Diimportant subjects
03/02/2007Dr. Eshwar DasHow to write dissertation
04/02/2007Dr. Eshwar DasHow to write dissertation
08/02/2007Dr. Dheeraj NandaVaccination
10/02/2007Dr. Dheeraj NandaCases
13/15/2/2007Dr. A. T. Jagose/ Dr. HumranwalaRepertory
27/02/2007Dr. J.V. DixitBio stat & Research methodology
28/02/2007Dr. J.V. DixitBio stat & Research methodology
10/03/2007Dr. D.P. RastogiHomoeopathic Software
10/03/2007Dr. M. Deep RoyPathogenesis of Various drugs
11/03/2007Dr. D.P. RastogiPathology & drugs
11/03/2007Dr. M. Deep RoyArs. Alb / Ph. Acid
26/03/2007Dr.Ashish Kotale Dr. Sase Dr. Mrs. Vaidya Dr. NowmaniACLS/ BLS / EMS Introduction/ Workshop
30/03/2007Dr. Kishore MehtaDissertation Tips
30/03/2007Dr. Kishore MehtaOrganon formulated
31/03/2007Dr. Kishore MehtaCase discussion
01/04/2007Dr. Kishore MehtaTopic Presentation
01/04/2007Dr. Ajit KulkarniUnderstanding iron dairy living
02/04/2007Dr. Kishore MehtaNatrum Group
02/04/2007Dr. Ajit KulkarniNatrum muriaticum
02/04/2007Dr. Ajit KulkarniCases & discussion
14/04/2007Dr. Das GuptaCNS / Clinical examination
14/04/2007Dr. D. P. RastogiRepertory
15/04/2007Dr. Das GuptaCVS Examination
15/04/2007Dr. D. P. RastogiLM Potencies
27/04/2007Dr. Kishore MehtaCase taking in O.P.D.
28/04/2007Dr. Kishore MehtaCase discussion
29/04/2007Dr. VijaykarCase Discussin
30/04/2007Dr. U. R. Pachegaonkarworkshop
28/05/2007Dr U.R. PachegaonkarCase Recordings.
06/06/2007Dr. Dheeraj NandaMind Rubric
07/06/2007Dr. Dheeraj NandaMiasmatic Comparision.
10/06/2007D. Patil S.N.Miasm
11/06/2007Dr U.R. PachegaonkarCase discussion
28/06/2007Dr. Kishore Mehtacase Taking
29/06/2007Dr. Kishore MehtaMiasmatic diagnosis
30/06/2007Dr. D. P. RastogiBoennigahaussen Repertory
30/06/2007Dr. Kishore MehtaCase discussion
30/06/2007Dr. S. M.SinghElimination Symptom
01/07/2007Dr. S. M.SinghHow to study Materia Medica
01/07/2007Dr. D. P. RastogiRepertorial totality
01/07/2007Dr. Kishore Mehtasource books
09/08/2007Dr. D. P. RastogiCase discussion
09/08/2007Dr. Deep RoyCase discussion
09/09/2007Dr. D. P. RastogiUtility of Repertory in various illness
09/09/2007Dr. RoyCase Discussion
21-23/10/2007Dr. Vijaykar, Dr. Sankaran, Dr. RastogiRajkot Seminar
25/10/2007Dr. Ajit KulkarniHuman Symbolism
26/10/2007Dr. Ajit KulkarniHuman Symbolism
26/10/2007Dr. Kishore MehtaCases
27/10/2007Dr. Kishore MehtaArg. Nit from various books
27/10/2007Dr. Dhiraj NandaCases
28/10/2007Dr. Kishore MehtaArg. Nit
28/10/2007Dr. Dhiraj NandaCase Presentation
29/10/2007Dr. Kishore MehtaO.P.D. Cases
11/01/2008Dr. Kishore MehtaFive Point Programme
12/01/2008Dr. Kishore MehtaAnalytical case study
12/01/2008Dr. D. P. RastogiWiling of various Repertory
13/01/2008Dr. D. P. RastogiCases
13/01/2008Dr. Ajit KulkarniCase Taking
13/01/2008Dr. Kishore MehtaCase Taking
13/01/2008Dr. Dhiraj NandaCases
14/01/2008Dr. D. P. RastogiCases
14/01/2008Dr. Dhiraj NandaCases
14/01/2008Dr. Kishore MehtaCases
15/03/2008Dr. D. P. RastogiRepertory Instant
15/03/2008Dr. Das GuptaCase Discussion
16/03/2008Dr. Das GuptaBCG
16/03/2008Dr. D. P. RastogiCase Discussion
29/03/2008Dr. VijaykarPredictive Homoeopathy
30/03/2008Dr. VijaykarMiasm( At.Nagpur)
03/04/2008Dr. Dhiraj NandaCase Taking
04/04/2008Dr. Dhiraj NandaCase Taking
19/04/2008Dr. D. P. RastogiRole of Homoeopathic medicine in Obst & Gync.
19/04/2008Dr. RoyCase Taking
20/04/2008Dr. D. P. RastogiParkinson's disease
20/04/2008Dr. RoyVibratim of Remedies
07/05/2008Dr. Dhiraj NandaHearing law of cure
08/05/2008Dr. Dhiraj NandaGenotype of Social dynamics
21/06/2008Dr. D. P. RastogiUtility of BBCR in Systemic diseases
21/06/2008Dr. DasguptaExamination of IPD patients CNS, OA, Respiratory system
22/06/2008Dr. DasguptaPyramidal tract, UMN, LMN, Facial nerve muscles, lesions of cranial nerves.
22/06/2008Dr. D. P. RastogiKent's Repertory, Radar.
25/06/2008Dr. Arya M.P.Repertory Discussion
10/08/2008Dr. Ajit KulkarniIntercurrent Prescription live case taking.
11/08/2008Dr. Ajit Kulkarnilive case taking.
23/08/2008Dr. U.R. Panchegaonkarmanagement of acute & chronic disease
19/10/2008Dr. Dhiraj NandaMiasms
20/10/2008Dr. Dhiraj NandaImportance of Exteriozation
22/11/2008Dr. Kishore MehtaCases
22/11/2008Dr. D.P. RastogiCases
29/11/2008Dr. Dhiraj NandaCae Taking
30/11/2008Dr. Dhiraj NandaAsthama, General discussion
26-28/12/2008National Seminar at Lukhnow
03/01/2009Dr. Kishore MehtaCase discussion
03/01/2009Dr. D.P. RastogiSpread of Homoeopathy in India
04/01/2009Dr. Kishore MehtaCase Presentation
19/01/2009Dr. Ajit KulkarniRelationship of Remedies
20/01/2009Dr. Ajit KulkarniBody Language.
26/01/2009Dr. J.V. DixitBiostatistics & Research Methodology
27/01/2009Dr. J.V. DixitTests of Significance Research Methodology
18/02/2009Dr. Dhiraj NandaGenetics & Homoeopathics Rubrics
19/02/2009Dr. Dhiraj NandaCase discussion
26/02/2009Dr. Anwar AnsariDissertation Discussion case taking
02/03/2009Dr. Chandrashekhar RaoCase Discussion
15/03/2009MUHS, NashikWorkshop on Biostat & Research Methodology at Mumbai
19/04/2009Dr. K. M. DhawaleBio Stat & Research
26/04/2009Dr. C. NayakBowel Nosodes
4-5/07/2009Dr. Rastogi D. P.Repertories
Dr. Kishore MehtaMiasms
Dr. C. NayakResearch Methodology
Dr. Rastogi D. P.
12/09/2009Dr. Prafull VijaykarCase Presentation
12/09/2009Dr. Girish DhadphaleConcept & components of Synopsis & dissertation & scheme of examination of dissertation
12/09/2009Dr. Eshwar DasComponents of dissertation topic, Introduction Review of Literature
12/09/2009Dr. C. NayakMethodology / Components of dissertation
12/09/2009Dr. D.P. RastogiPreparaiton of Synopsis
12/09/2009Dr. S. P.SinghDrugs & Cosmetic Act/ 1940 & Rules 1945 Relevant to Hom.
12/09/2009Dr. S.M. SinghComments on whole day session
13/09/2009Dr. J.v. DixitStatisticsin in dissertation
13/09/2009Dr. C. NayakHow to write synopsis
13/09/2009Dr. P. VijaykarPredictive Homoeopathy & Philosophy
13/09/2009Dr. VijaykarPhilosophy
18th National Homoeopathic Conference at Jammu
06/02/2010Dr. L.K.NandaCase of Cancer
06/02/2010Dr. Praveen KumarSwine Flu & Homoeopathy
06/02/2010Dr. Anwar AnsariUnderstanding children
06/02/2010Dr. R. GnansambandanDynamismin Carcinoma
06/02/2010Dr. Syed Tanvir HussainIncurable diseases & Homoeopathy
06/02/2010Dr. Pawar PareekhAdvance Renal Diseases
06/02/2010Dr. Aruna P. KumarIs similimuj On enigma
06/02/2010Dr. B.D. PatelSuccessful Prescribing
07/02/2010Dr. Agam SharmaComparative Study of Homoeopathic treatment & other models of treatment in wound
07/02/2010Dr. P. ShrivastavaInfertility
07/02/2010Dr. R.K. ShrivastavAplastic Anaemia & Homoeopathy
07/02/2010Dr. Anand ChaturvediAllergic Rhinitis
07/02/2010Dr. Anita SharmaDistress during climatric years
07/02/2010Dr. Dhiraj NandaViral Hepatitis
07/02/2010Dr. Shripad HedgeADHD Child
07/02/2010Dr. Vikram SinghResearch activities & Achievements of CCRH
07/02/2010Dr. Sharad SanglooAlzhemeirs Disease
07/02/2010Dr. K. M. NishantHow to Kill a Patients
07/02/2010Dr. Pawan ChandakHIV
07/02/2010Dr. Mohan SinghCR Failure
07/02/2010Dr. Tapan KunduSevere Haemophilia / Homoeopathya Supportive therapy
07/02/2010Dr.R. A. PatelAyurveda in Homoeopathy
Workshop of Rural based Medical Practitioners on " Primary Eye Care"
14/3/2010Dr. Unhale R. P. (MD Med.)Opthalmic Injuries, Refractive Error, paediatric Eye problems, what to do & what not to do in eye diseases. Eye problems in Diabetes.
3rd Annual Conference on Contemporency issues and challenges in Interdisciplinary Researse at Mumbai
21/03/2010Dr. Kiran MarthakEthics in Clinical trials
21/03/2010Dr. Hiralal AgrawalStandaralization of Drugs
21/03/2010Dr. Jayesh BellareInterdisciplinary research in Nanotechnology for Health care
21/03/2010Dr. Rajendran K. G.Patents Laws
21/03/2010Dr. Sunil ChaudharyRegulatory aspects of IND/NDA
21/03/2010Dr. S. BavdekarEthical aspects of clinical trials.
21/03/2010Dr. Ashish MungantiwarBA & BE studies in India
21/03/2010Dr Sameer SadekarCRO & Smo Establishment & Functioning
21/03/2010Contemperancy issues & Challenges in interdiscipilinary Research at Haffkin Institue at Mumbai
19-21/4/2010Dr. P. VijaykarAll India Predictive Conference & Seminar
18-19/11/2010Dr.M. L. DhawaleResearch Methodology & Biostatistics
18-19/11/2010Dr.Scholtan IanElemental Homoeopathy
05/01/2011Dr. Ajit Kulkarnicase taking & Rubrics
08/01/2011Dr. Subhash SinghCase Discussion
09/01/2011Dr. Eshwar DasResearch Methodology
10/01/2011Dr. M.P. AryaCase taking & miasmatic approach
10/01/2011Dr. Manoj PatelCase taking in psychiatric patients
10/01/2011Dr. TiwariKnowledge of Physician medicine of qualities of physician
11/01/2011Dr. S.M. SinghOrganon of Medicine
12/01/2011Dr.L. M. KhanCase taking & Merging of PT with the Physician
12/1/2011Dr. VijaykarCamp for MR & Ms
10/02/2011Dr. Panchegaonkar U.R.Case taking & Case discusson.
10/03/2011Dr. Panchegaonkar U.R.Case taking & Case discusson.
26/03/2011Dr. Sunil Parse(R.O.T.P)
27/03/2011Haffkin Institue, Mumbai - Seminar on Biostat & Research Methodology
28/03/2011Dr. Praveen KumarToxicology
28/03/2011Dr. Chandrashekhar RaoMateria Medica study
29/03/2011Dr. Sunil BhutadaMateria Medica study
29/03/2011Dr. Manoj PatelCase Study
30/03/2011Dr. S.k. BhattacharyaRelation of Pharmacy with MM.
30/03/2011Dr. S.P. SinghOrganon with M.M. Relation
31/3/2011Dr. DaryaniM. M. Study
31/3/2011Dr. Jawahar ShahDrug study
01/04/2011Dr. KhanajAnalysis & evaluatiojn of symptoms of the case for repertorization
22/04/2011Dr. BellareNano Technology & Homoeopathy
22/04/2011Dr. C. NayakHow to write synopsis & Dissertation
22/04/2011Dr. VijaykarCase discussion
24/04/2011Dr. VijaykarCamp fo MS/MR
25/05/2011Dr. Panchegaonkar U.R.Case taking
03-04/06/2011Dr. Chaturbhuja NayakBowel nosodes, Sarcodes
24/06/2011Dr. Ashok kokaneBlood Investigations, Diagnosis & Management
26/06/2011Dr. Ramjee Singh, Dr. C. Nayak, Dr. Dixit, Dr. JindalPh. D. Workshop
11/08/2011Dr. Gaushal M. H.Biomedical Engineering & Homoeopathy
14/08/2011Dr. Jatin WaliaSports Medicine
06/09/2011Dr. Gaushal M. H.Health Related Quality of Life Assessement
22/09/2011Dr. Gaushal M. H.Case Presentation / Squint
12/10/2011Dr. Ajit KulkarniEmotions
16/10/2011Dr. Maj. N. DasguptaCase Taking
20/10/2011Dr. Girish DhadphaleResearch Concept & Proceedings
07/01/2012Dr. Kumar DhawaleLecture on Depression
08/01/2012Dr. Kumar DhawaleCase Presentation
19/02/2012Basic Workshop on Research Methodology for Students, Teachers & Practitioners organized by Panchsheel Homoeopathic Meeical College, Khamgaon & MUHS, Nashik At Khamgaon
04/07/2012Dr. R. K. ManchandaRoad ahead for Homoeopathy in India
02/09/2012Dr. Hemant PawarLecture on Biostatistics
19/09/2012Dr. Girish DhadphaleLecture on Biostatistics
19/09/2012Dr. Girish DhadphaleHow to write Synopsis/Dissertation
12/10/2012Dr. Hemant PawarResearch Methodology
13/10/2012Dr. Hemant PawarResearch Methodology
26-28/10/2012INDUS / EM (Indo/US Emergency Medicine Summit) / 2012 organized By MUHS at Nashik
13-15/12/2012Basic Workshop on Research Methodology by Dept. of MET, at MUHS Regional Center, Aurangabad
21-23/12/2012XVIIIth All India Homoeopathic Congress / 2012 at Kolkata organized by HUMAI
30/01/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniMonograms in Homoeopathy
31/01/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniMonograms in Homoeopathy
16/03/2013Dr. DasguptaCardio/vascular System : Clinical Study
17/03/2013Dr Eshwar DasSkills in Homoeopathy
17/03/2013Dr. Praveen KumarCase Discussion
18/03/2013Dr. DasguptaCentral Nervous System : Clinical Study
19/03/2013Dr. DasguptaCentral Nervous System : Clinical Study
26/04/2013Dr. Farookh MasterDiscussion on Hom. Med: Nux Vomica
18/05/2013Dr. Kishore MehtaWebinar : Clinical Application of Organon of Medicine in Practice
19/05/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniWebinar : Body language & Homoeopathy
20/05/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniSynthetic Materia Medica
23/05/2013Dr. Kishore MehtaSkype Lecture : Construction of Organon
26/05/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniCarbon Group
27/05/2013Dr. Jawahar ShahWebinar : Bronchial Asthma & its Homoeopathic Management
28/05/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniCarbon Group
31/05/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniCarbon Group
04/06/2013Dr. PachegaonkarWebinar : Homoeopathic Management of Advanced Pathological Conditions
05/06/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniAlkaline Earth Group
06/06/2013Dr. Kishore MehtaSkype Lecture : Selection of Potency
11/06/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniSpider Group
12/06/2013Dr. Rekha BhutadaWebinar : Role of Homoeopathy in Allergic Disorders
18/06/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniFish Group
20/06/2013Dr. Kishore MehtaSkype Lecture : Case Discussion & Susceptibility
25/06/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniFish Group Part II
03/07/2013Dr. M. K. SahaniWebinar : Differential Studies on reportorial approach in Homoeopathy
04/07/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniMercury Group Part I
09/07/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniMercury Group Part II
17/07/2013Dr. M. K. SahaniFormative Stage of Repertory
18/07/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniTrio of Puls, Sil, Flouric-acid Part I
20/07/2013Dr. Samir ChaukkarWebinar : Addictions and Homoeopathy
23/07/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniTrio of Puls, Sil, Flouric-acid Part II
26/07/2013Dr. M.K. SahaniSkype Lecture : Emergence of Dr. Boenninghausen
29/07/2013Dr. Ajit Kulkarni & Dr. Anwar AnsariInterpretation of Rubric – Frivolous & Ennui Part I
01/08/2013Dr. M. K. SahaniSkype Lecture : Construction & Plan Of Therapeutic pocket book Part I
03/08/2013Dr. M.P. AryaWebinar : Utility of Knerr’s Repertory in clinical practice
06/08/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniInterpretation of Rubric – Frivolous & Ennui Part II
07/08/2013Dr. M. K. SahaniSkype Lecture : Construction & Plan Of Therapeutic pocket book Part II
13/08/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniInterpretation Of Rubrics – Hatred, Timid Part I
14/08/2013Dr. M. K. SahaniSkype Lecture : T.P.B. – Clinical applications In Cases
19/08/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniInterpretation Of Rubrics- Hatred - Timid Part II
21/08/2013Dr. M. K. SahaniSkype Lecture – Boger’s Boenninghausen Characteristics & Repertory
22-23/08/2013CCRH Seminar - 2013, - Sharing of Experiences & Research Updates
29/08/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniInterpretation of Rubric -Cautious
30/08/2013Dr. MK SahaniSkype Lecture –Simplicity of Dr. CM Boger
31/08/2013Dr. Hira AgarwalWebinar – Management of Skin Diseases in Homoeopathy
06/09/2013Dr. Arun JamkarWebinar : Homoeopathy – Is there any Sceintific Evidence?
07/09/2013Dr. MK SahaniSkype Lecture – Understanding CM Boger’s – A Synoptic Key of Materia Medica
10/09/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniInterpretation of Rubric – Haughty
11/09/2013Dr. MK SahaniSkype Lecture - Mental Health & Homoeopathy
17/09/2013Dr. Ashish K JhaWebinar - Efficacy of Modern Homoeopathic Softwares in practice
23/09/2013Dr. MK SahaniSkype Lecture - Language of Disease
24/09/2013Dr. N DasguptaSkype Lecture - My Clinical experience on HTN & Dyslipidemia
04/10/2013Dr. Ravi DoctorWebinar : Homoeopathic Management of Oncology
09/10/2013Dr. MK SahaniSkype Lecture - Money matters homoeopathically
23/10/2013Dr. MK SahaniSkype Lecture - Simple Substance
25/10/2013Dr. Ajit KulkarniInteractive talks on Applied Materia Medica
27/10/2013Dr. Subhas SinghWebinar - Key-note symptoms and Prescription
13/09/2013Dr. MK SahaniSkype Lecture - Approach to Chronicity
21/11/2013Dr. MK SahaniSkype Lecture - Boger's Contribution to Repertory
25/11/2013Dr. SankaranWorkshop on Mental Health
27/11/2013Dr. MK SahaniSkype Lecture - Evolution of Word "Organon"
03/12/2013Dr. Rajan SankaranWebinar : From Similia to Synergy
04/12/2013Dr. MK SahaniSkype Lecture - Disenchantment & Discovery
09/01/2014Dr. N DasguptaSkype Lecture - Arrythmias
16/01/2014Dr. N DasguptaSkype Lecture - Arrythmias - continued
21/01/2014Dr. Subhas SinghSkype Lecture - Precursors of Organon
10/02/2014Dr. S. Praveen KumarSkype Lecture - Pyrexia of Unknown origin
13/02/2014Dr. N DasguptaSkype Lecture - Heart Block
18/02/2014Dr. Subhas SinghSkype Lecture - Case Analysis
22-23/02/2014Child Care Seminar, Mumbai - Homoeopathic Management of Children with developmental disability and mental health disorder
03/03/2014Dr. S. Praveen KumarSkype Lecture - Homoeopathy in Acute Emergencies
12/03/2014Dr. MK SahaniSkype Lecture - An essay on new principles to ascertain the curative powers of the drugs
27/03/2014Dr. MK SahaniSkype Lecture - Aesculapius in the Balance
19/04/2014Dr. MK SahaniSkype Lecture - Obstacles in Practical Medicine
19/04/2014Dr. Eswara DasWebinar - Evolution of Medicine
1/5/2014Dr. Rajan SankaranOnline video lecture - How to learn Repertory
10/8/2014Dr. Shekhar RajderkarWebinar - Dissertation writing
22-23/08/2014Two days Seminar on "Sharing of Experiences and Research Updates by Regional Research institute of Homoeopathy, Navi Mumbai under CCRH, Dept of AYUSH, Govt of India, New Delhi held at Mumbai
31/08/2014MegaHomoeocon - 2014 at Pune (MS)
27-28/12/201419th All India Homoeopathic Congress at Ahmedabad (Gujarat) organized by HMAI Ahmedabad Unit
11-12/04/2015World Homoeopathic Summit at Mumbai organized by Global Homoeopathic Foundation
10-11/10/2015Asian Homoeopathic Medical League (Indian Chapter) International Homoeopathic Conference at Mumbai
1/12/2015Dr. Bolde SarojHealth Care and Prevention
07-08/12/2015Dr. Ajit KulkarniData Processing, Exploring Difficult Cases
12/12/2015Dr. Mr. Mrs. JoshiUnderstanding the Difference between Drug Picture of Mineral & Animal Remedies from HMM
21/12/2015Dr. Khanaj V. R.Concept of Analysis & Evaluation in Homoeopathy
16-17/01/201619th All India Homoeopathic Scientific Seminar 2015 at Nagpur (M.S.) organized by HMAI Nagpur Unit
24-25/01/2016Dr. Ajit KulkarniTheory of Acut Diseases, Case Discussion
5-7/02/2016Basic Workshop on Research Methodology, At Shiva Trust's Training School of Nursing, Aurangabad
9-10/04/2016International Convention on World Homoeopathy Day, New Delhi
18/09/2016National Seminar MEGAHOMOEOCON 2016, At Bhosri, Pune
08-09/10/2016Seminar on Challenges in Paediatric Practices - Organized By H.E.R.I. at Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai
20-22/01/2017EKAYAN - A Grand Seminar on Plant & Animal Remedies AT Birla Matoshree Sabhagriha, Mumbai By Jan Scholten, Dr. Sachindra & Dr. Bhavisha Joshi