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Adarsh Shikshan Sanstha’s


Vidhya Nagar (West), College Street, Beed (M.S.) – 431 122


Constituted As per University Directions on 12/08/2021

(a) Dean / Principal – ( Chairman ) Dr. Gaushal Mahendra H.
(b) One teacher; nominated by the Dean / Principal Dr. Ganesh L. Patkutwar
(c) Program Officer of NSS ( if available ) Dr. Ganesh S. Pangarkar
(d) “Director Sports / Physical Education Instructor” Dr. Shaikh Atique
(e) Officer in charge of Cultural activities Dr. Anjali S. Pangarkar
(f) “One student of each class (UG/PG) nominated by the Dean/Principal provided that the principal shall nominate student under clause (f) who is engaged in full – timestudies / training in the college and have secured highest number of marks in the preceding annual examination.” i) B.H.M.S. 1st yr – Miss Jagdale Rutuja
ii) B.H.M.S.2nd yr – Miss Gite Akanksha Kalyan
iii) B.H.M.S. 3rd yr – Miss Sonali Rajendra Pawar
iv) B.H.M.S. 4th yr- Miss Agwan Amruta
(g) “One student nominated by the Dean/Principal, who has shown outstanding performance, from following activities : Activity Name of Student Year
  (i) Sports; Sports Mr.Dipak Nilkanth Pawar B.H.M.S. 2nd yr
  (ii) National Service Scheme; NSS Mr. Roshan Rathod B.H.M.S. 3rd yr
  (iii) National Cadet Corps;  NCC
  (iv) Cultural Activities; Cultural Mr. Ghadge Sushant Rajesh B.H.M.S. 2nd yr
  (v) Research or other extra curricular activities.” Research Miss Mayuri Savant B.H.M.S. 4th yr
(h) “Two lady students nominated by the Dean / Principal, who have shown outstanding performance, in Sports, NSS, NCC and Cultural Activities.”   i)Miss Arti Shrihari Todkar B.H.M.S. 4th yr
  ii) Miss Shital Shivaji Tupe B.H.M.S. 3rd yr
  Provided that, two of the students from clauses (g) and(h)shall be those belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes. De-notified Tribes (Vimukta Jatis), Nomadic Tribes or other Backward Classes.   Miss Jayshri Dilip Dhakarke(SC) B.H.M.S. 2nd yr
    Miss Asavari Santosh Rathod B.H.M.S. 2nd yr
  Name of the Student Secretary Elected from amongst Student Members other than The students’ of first year, internees and PG:   Mr. Jethliya Rushikesh Santoshkumar B.H.M.S. 4th yr