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Ph.D in Homoeopathy

Eligibility Criteria for admission to Ph.D. degree :-

The candidate willing to register for Ph.D. degree course by way of research shall fulfill the eligibility conditions as mentioned below:-

  1. He / She Shall have Postgraduate Qualification (P.G. Degree) in the concerned subject of Health Sciences or in the equivalent/ allied subject recognized as eligible by the concerned board of research. The candidate(s) having P.G. Diploma in schedule II of the respective Councils/D.N.B. shall also be considered eligible, if such candidate has published minimum two research papers in Indexed Journal(s).
  2. In exceptional cases, with prior approval from the Vice-Chancellor, a candidate having only UG qualification in Health Sciences and having 15 years professional experience along with excellent record and contribution in Health Sciences research shall be eligible for admission to Ph.D. course and accordingly shall be allowed to appear for Ph.D. Entrance Examination.
  3. Applications for research in Interdisciplinary areas and from applicants belonging to a faculty or subject other than faculty or subject in which the research is proposed to be done and /or from the International students (those who have not obtained the PG degree from any UGC recognized University in India, for whom the equivalency of degree as per respective Council shall be necessary), shall be considered on the basis of the research publications and credentials of the researcher for such kind of research. Such candidates shall be allowed to appear for entrance test after confirmation of their application by members(s) of Board of Research or subject expert nominated by Vice-chancellor for the said purpose. The students provisionally admitted under inter-disciplinary subject shall get oriented to the respective concerned discipline to the satisfaction of the guides. Accordingly the guide shall certify in writing for the same.
  4. Qualified and Eligible “Teacher” candidates and all other “In-Service” (as prescribed in clause 17 (c) of this Direction) candidates shall have to apply through proper channel. The qualified and eligible Teachers having 07 years continuous teachers approval in the concerned subject shall be exempted from the Entrance Test conducted to qualify for registration to Ph.D. Course. The separate list of Qualified and Eligible “Teacher” candidates for the purpose of registration for Ph.D. Course shall be prepared by the member(s) of Board of Research or subject expert nominated by Vice-chancellor to said purpose by considering the research activities, approved experience, number of publications etc. The Board of Research may formulate separate rules for preparation of such list. The list prepared by the Board of Research shall be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor for approval and/or appropriate decision. The decision of the Vice-Chancellor on it shall be final and binding. The final approved list shall be published on the University website for information of all concerned.
  5. As per the directives of the National Knowledge Commission, as an alternative system to grant Ph.D. to the candidates registered provisionally to this University, If have minimum 05 publications as the first author on the selected same topic of the Thesis in Indexed Journal(s) shall be exempted from submission of Thesis to the University. Provided that the Board of Research shall appoint a panel of examiners of four subject experts for reviewing these papers of the Candidate. On receiving the positive recommendation by any three of these examiners and after successful conduct of Viva voce of the candidate, the University shall award Ph.D. degree to such candidate after approval of the concerned Board of Research. For such candidates the provisions of clauses 17 and 20 of this Direction shall be exempted.

The Above said provision shall be applicable for getting exempted from the submission of Thesis only, however all other formalities shall be applicable.

Subjects In Homoeopathy


Sr No. Name Of Specialty
1  Homoeopathic Materia Medica
2  Organon Of Medicine
3  Repertory
4  Homoeopathic Pharmacy
5  Practice of Medicine
6  Paediatrics
7  Psychiatry

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