Adarsh Shikshan Sanstha’s
Vidya Nagar (West), College Street, Beed (M.S.) – 431122
NAAC – National Assessment & Accreditation Council
(Formulated on 01/08/2020 & Updated on 01/10/2021)
Committee No. Criteria Name of Committees Member Designation
1 IIQA Dr. Pangarkar G. S. Chairman
Committee (Institutional Information for Quality Assessment)” Dr. Patkutwar G. L. Member
Mr. Tepale E. B. Member
Mr. Thorat R. M. Member
2 SSR Dr. Patkutwar G. L. Chairman
Committee (Self Study Report)” “Dr. Gaushal M.H. (Chairman of Research, Innovations and Extension Committee)” Member
“Dr. Pangarkar G. S. (Chairman of Institutional Information for Quality Assessment Committee & Governance, Leadership and Management Committee)” Member
Dr. Ghuge R. B. (Chairman of Curricular Aspects Committee) Member
Dr. Gaisamudre R. N. (Chairman of Institutional Values and Best Practices Committee) Member
Dr. Shaikh Atique (Chairman of Infrastructure and Learning Resources Committee) Member
Dr. Mahanor S. K. (Chairman of Student Support and Progression Committee) Member
Dr. Mrs. Hange Meena R. (Chairperson of Teaching- Learning and Evaluation Committee) Member
Dr. Shah Parul Member
Mr. Tepale E. B Member
Mr. Shaikh Sameeruddin Member
Mr. Thorat R. M. Member
3 Curricular Aspects (80) Dr. Ghuge R. B. Chairman
Dr. Shinde Poonam Member
Dr. Anis Ahmed Member
4 Teaching- Learning and Evaluation (280) Dr. Mrs. Hange Meena R. Chairperson
Dr. Aage M. D. Member
Dr. Deepak Shah Member
Dr. Sohail Farooqui Member
Dr. Mastud Usha Member
Dr. Sonal Baheti Member
Dr. Wagh Laxman Member
Dr. Joshi Suhas Member
5 “Research, Innovations and Extension (120)” Dr. Gaushal M.H. Chairman
Dr. Mrs. Kshirsagar R. P. Member
Dr. Poonam Shinde Member
Dr. Trupti Lodha Member
Dr. Shahapure Vaibhav Member
6 Infrastructure and Learning Resources (100) Dr. Shaikh Atique Chairman
Dr. Toshniwal S. R. Member
Dr. Kulkarni Ajay Member
Dr. Dungarwal H. M. Member
Dr. Kulkarni Rajesh Member
7 Student Support and Progression (120) Dr. Mahanor S. K. Chairman
Dr. Shaikh Zafarali Member
Dr. Shaikh Naser Member
Prof. Hange R. S. Member
Dr. Bedmutha Shital Member
8 “Governance, Leadership and Management (100)” Dr. Pangarkar G. S. Chairman
Dr. Pangarkar A. S. Member
Dr. Dusane V. V. Member
Dr. Bajaj J. S. Member
Dr. Shaikh Zafarali Member
9 Institutional Values and Best Practices Dr. Gaisamudre R. N. Chairman
Dr. Joshi Dnyaneshwar A. Member
Dr. Shinde Ashok A. Member