Adarsh Shikshan Sanstha’s


Detailed Information of Administrative Staff

As updated on: ___05/03/2019___

Sr. No. Designation Name of Staff Full Time/ Part Time Qualification Date of Appointment
1 Office Superintendent Mr. Tepale E. B. Full Time M. A. 02/05/2016
2 NABH/ NAAC Co-ordanitor Mrs. Gaushal S.M. Full Time B.Sc. B.Ed. Math. 01/01/2018
3 Accountant Mr. Salunke T. V. Full Time B. A. 01/02/1998
4 Account Assistant Mr. Shaikh Arshad K. Full Time B. A. 09/09/2014
5 Computer Operator Shri. Shaikh Sameeruddin Full Time M.Sc.Comp. Sci.; B. Ed. 01/02/2008
6 Computer Operator Mrs. Satkar S. T. Full Time M.A., B. Ed. 03/03/2015
7 Computer Operator Mr. Thorat Ramesh M. Full Time B. A. 09/09/2014
8 Computer Operator Mr. Warat Dnyaneshwar B. Full Time B.A., D.Ed. 01/10/2018
9 Clerk Mr. Fulzalke Nandu Full Time B.C.S. 01/09/2018
10 P.R.O. Mr. Goswami Dhananjay Vyankatrao Full Time B.Com 01/09/2018
11 Peon Mr. Upare Ganesh M. Full Time B. A. 08/12/2014